Stoneridge Rock N Roll Dynamo MH (10)

Dyna qualified for her first Master National and brought home the Plate!

Stoneridge Rock N Roll Dynamo MH (10)

(Troublesome Highseas Makin House Calls MH, QA2 & Stoneridge Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo MH (21)

Hips Good - LR-234478G25F-VPI
Eye Certification –LR-EYE16677/25F-VPI
Elbows Normal - LR-EL84626F25-VPI
Heart - LR-CA10665/25F/P-VPI
CNM –LR-CNM2108/27F-PI
EIC- LR-EIC4629/27F-PI
D-Lotus –LR-DL1120/27F-PI
PRA - LR-PRA2026/27F-PI

Dyna's Pedigree

Dyna is very biddable, easy to train, quiet and well mannered in the house. She has passed 10 of 11 Master tests, and has 2 Jams in Qualifying. Dyna has never ran Junior or Senior tests. She has 2 seasons real world Duck hunting under her belt, quiet and steady in the blind, a true predator retrieving birds. Dyna is a 60 lb yellow with a correct "Labrador coat". After this litter Dyna will continue testing, trialing and hunting. She qualified for the '19 Master National along with her mother, Hoochie.  Both brought home the big ribbons and plates with their 1st trip and first pass at the Master National.  Dyna is 100% Breeder/Owner Trained and Handled. She is the third generation of MH females from our breeding.  Dyna is the 5th generation of Stoneridge girls.

Dyna with her Mom Hoochie and 1/2 sister Brandy


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