Stoneridge Rock N Roll Dynamo MH (10)

Dyna qualified for her first Master National and brought home the Plate!

Stoneridge Rock N Roll Dynamo MH (10)

(Troublesome Highseas Makin House Calls MH, QA2 & Stoneridge Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo MH (21)

Hips Good - LR-234478G25F-VPI
Eye Certification –LR-EYE16677/25F-VPI
Elbows Normal - LR-EL84626F25-VPI
Heart - LR-CA10665/25F/P-VPI
CNM –LR-CNM2108/27F-PI
EIC- LR-EIC4629/27F-PI
D-Lotus –LR-DL1120/27F-PI
PRA - LR-PRA2026/27F-PI

Dyna's Pedigree

Dyna with her Mom Hoochie and 1/2 sister Brandy


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